Why Should you attend the best Ayahuasca experience?

Ayahuasca is a medicine that can be used by anyone, regardless of nationality. The retreat will always take place in English. Ayahuasca Retreat Centers are especially suitable for newcomers to Ayahuasca who also want to have a truly authentic experience in the sacred Ayahuasca ceremony that is often held in Peru. Come and visit our website search it on http://yourhighesttruth.com/feminine-energy/dark-feminine-energy-vs-light-feminine-energy-7-ancient-keys you can learn more.

A retreat of this kind is designed to be the cheapest possible because it’s important that any person who wishes to take part in such an experience has access to medicine. It is thought that even though the focus is on healing, such places are not ideal for people dealing with severe mental trauma or terminal illnesses.

To join the top Ayahuasca retreat, you need to be in good shape. You will walk around 45 minutes and sometimes on muddy surfaces. This will allow them to walk the distance without having any problems. People who are sincere must have an unfailing openness of heart and mind. For you to benefit from a centre like this, it is important that you feel youthful, have fun, are easy-going, enjoy an adventurous life, as well as love new experiences. They should also be interested spiritually and in developing their consciousness.

People who cannot compromise their luxury standards are discouraged from applying due to the simple and rustic location. The retreats are ideal for those who enjoy the natural beauty and simple pleasures in life.

The accommodation is a simple tambo with a one-person occupancy. These tambos can be considered standard accommodations, despite being rustic and basic. It is a very safe place, with good protection from mosquitoes. There are also some amazing views. In terms of the food, you can find all types. It is possible to sample a traditional, healthy jungle diet. Vegetarians or those with special needs should inform the centre in advance.

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