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Combi Ovens-What is a Combi Oven?

Combi-Ovens have three functions in one and are one of most useful pieces of cooking equipment rotaryana. The combi-steamer is another name for these ovens. It can also use both dry heat, either fan or electric powered as well steam that can be added to the oven when necessary.

Combi-Oven offers many benefits as a catering piece. It can roast tender meat joints. Since the environment is filled with moisture, there will be no loss of weight.

The colour and natural goodness of vegetables that are steamed instead of being boiled retains more. A combination oven can also be used to preserve the delicate flavour and texture in fish.

Convection fans are the ideal way to bake, resulting in an evenly heated oven. Steam injections can enhance flavour and texture.

Keeping food warm for a long time is unnecessary. Pre-cooked meals can easily be brought to the right temperature.

Combi-Oven can do more than just roast, bake, steam, or dry-fry food.

It may seem that the different flavors in your oven would make it difficult to cook different dishes, but many kitchens are able to go from cooking chickens to steaming delicate fish to making desserts without any flavour transfer. This is because many ovens feature a cleaning mode that will remove all residual tastes.

Combi Ovens come with a range of different oven sizes. These aren’t only for the big commercial kitchens. Many models are also available for smaller independent caterers. To determine which size of Combi-Oven you will need, you should consider the quantity and type of food being cooked. Your supplier can help you calculate your needs and make the appropriate recommendations.

Ask yourself several questions before making a purchase. These include whether a filtration system is required, the installation requirements and the ease of cleaning and operating the appliance.

A built-in filter is often included in more expensive models, but budget ovens do not have this and need an external one. It is important to filter the oven to keep it running efficiently.

Combi Ovens come as electric and gas models. They require 3 phase electricity, and a water supply.