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What can owning your feminine energy do to improve the quality of your relationship and bring you closer with your partner?

Feel like you’re in control, assertive, and have the power to influence what is happening with your relationship partner, or even marriage? Otherwise, you might be treated like a doormat. Read more now on masculine v feminine energy.

When you are feeling scared of your feminine energy or confused, I understand how it feels.

My marriage was not working because I tried to be assertive, stand up, and communicate clearly.

Find it annoying when you try hard to reach your goal, and yet nothing seems to change?

If you find that your relationship works, keep going with it.

The chances are that if you read this article, you may be looking for an answer and need to give up on what isn’t working.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship we must achieve a good gender balance. While most women lean towards femininity, most men gravitate toward masculinity.

In our relationships, our role is unclear and we’re confused.

In the past, women and men have both made great strides towards equality.

Why aren’t we more satisfied? We have leadership roles in every area of life, including politics, business and the arts.

We are confusing about what femininity is. Is that why we’re not authentic and don’t reach our maximum potential with our partners?

In my opinion, the biggest problem we face in this world is the way that the masculine is portrayed and how the feminine is portrayed as less and unworthy.

Both are essential.

These energies can be balanced to create harmony in relationships.

You can enjoy the beauty of synchrony when two ballroom dancers are paired up. The male will lead and the female will follow.

It is not a matter of who’s better or more experienced. However, we usually focus more on a female because it captures our attention.

They both try to lead.

This would result in swollen and bruised toes for each person, but it won’t work.

The dance between masculine and femininity in my relationship.